Shanghai: Jade Buddha Temple


After my visit to the gorgeous and imposing Jing’An Temple, I wasn’t sure if anything could surpass it. However, the quaintΒ charm of the smaller Jade Buddha Temple came close.

I can’t lie, I don’t know much about the temple itself except it’s namesake is the nearly 5-foot high jade Buddha located inΒ its own hall (of which you’re not allowed to take photos but is certainly worth a viewing). The temple complex also has a few other halls with a variety of impressive statutes and shrines.

Personally, I absolutely loved the courtyards and their intricate decor of colourful bunting, delicate bonsai trees and the bows around the small lion statues. There were also very few tourists around, making it a peaceful and much welcomed break from the hectic city. It’s just a beautifulΒ and serene place! I never get tired of temple-hopping.

What’s your favourite temple? Tell me inΒ the comments and I’ll add it to my ‘to visit’ list!







There’s always intense cleaning taking place in temple complexes!







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